The Indo-Iranianballs are Ethnic Groupballs that live in northern India, Iran, Tajikistan, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ossetia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.


Like his brothers, Indo-Iraniansball was born from 2balls that migrated from the Caucasus. However, unlike the majority of his brothers (except for Tochariansball, who died later), he decided to migrate east into Asia. He first settled in Central Asia, where he stayed for a while until he decided to move into the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. Some stayed in Central Asia. In India, the Indus River Valley Civilization was already going, meaning there would be problems settling there. However, the Indo-Iranians mass migrated into the northern Indian subcontinent. That forced the original Dravidian Indians living in the Indus Valley Civilization to move out and that lead to the end of the IVC and caused Dravidians (except for the Brahuis) to move to the southern part of the Indian subcontinent (which is why most Dravidians live in Southern India). This created Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Northern India (some went further west, resulting in Bangladesh and Nepal.) Meanwhile, in the Middle East, things went smoother. The Indo-Iranians did not have too big of a problem settling in the Middle East, as few were there to stop them. When they migrated into the central areas of the Levant as well as Iran, no one was there to stop him except for Assyriaball. They went through Assyria and settled in the Middle East, creating Kurdistan and Iran. Some went up north into the Caucasus and made Ossetia. Most of these Indo-Iranians managed to live through and make it to the modern era, however, some didn't. The Indo-Iranians living in Central Asia were the unlucky ones. The Turks had just been finding some land and they turned their eyes at central Asia. First, they killed off the Tocharians, then they decided to get rid of the Indo-Iranian Scythians, who lived in Central Asia at the time. After many migrations, the Turks managed to kill most Scythians off, with the remaining ones fleeing to Ossetia, which is why Ossetia is considered the final Scythian group of Indo-Iranians.

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