Ingushetiaball is an Islamic Republic located in the Caucasus region of southwestern Russia-icon Russiaball. He is located west from Chechnya-icon Chechnyaball, his leader and closest friend.


Under Sovietball, during World War II, the Chechen-Ingush-ASSR-icon Chechen-Ingush ASSRball was betraying Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball and was contributing to the Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyballs. Because of that, he was punished and taken to Siberia-icon Siberiaball by Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball.

Right before the colapse of the Soviet-icon Soviets, the Chechen-Ingush-ASSR-icon Chechen-Ingush ASSRball wanted his house back from Russiaball, but Russiaball wanted the Chechen-Ingush-ASSR-icon Chechen-Ingush ASSRball to gib him monies, but the Chechen-Ingush-ASSR-icon Chechen-Ingush ASSRball to save his monies.

After the collape of Sovietball, he was split into Chechnya-icon Chechnyaball and Ingushetia-icon Ingushetiaball, under the new Russia-icon Russiaball. Under Russia-icon Russiaball, Chechnya-icon Chechnyaball wanted independence and Ingushetia-icon Ingushetiaball got into a conflict over clay with the nearby North Ossetia–Alania-icon North Ossetia–Alaniaball. Ingushetia-icon Ingushetiaball was bullied, poor, and saw refugees of Chechnya-icon Chechnyaball. Then, Ingushetia-icon Ingushetiaball wanted to rebuild economy in peace with Russia-icon Russiaball when fighting Chechnya-icon Chechnyaball. Russia-icon Russiaball as a soldier got tired, and finally, there was peace.

After peace, Ingushetia-icon Ingushetiaball asked Russia-icon Russiaball for aid while Chechnya-icon Chechnyaball was given a shower.



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