Iranian Kurdistanball, also called East Kurdistanball,is a region in Iranball who is represented as PJAK organization and can not into independence, but has been trying to be free since 2004. Mahabadball was his grandfather and People's Azerbaijan was his granduncle but both of them got killed by Iranball, who is there enemy. He should not be confused with Iranian province of Kurdistanball.


In 1906 he fought the Safavidball but failed but when Hotakball invaded Safavidball, he coquered some parts of Safavidball but Afsharidball took it back. When Sovietball and British Empireball invaded Iranball, Sovietball created his grandfather Mahabadball and granduncle People's Azerbaijanball, but Pahlavi Iranbal killed them. Today he's fighting Iranball to gain independence. The real reason why he can’t into independence is because most Kurds in Iran are patriotic and don’t support sectarian terrorism on their lands, being members of the IRGC instead of the PJAK.


  • Kurdistan-icon.png Turkish Kurdistanball- My good brother, we support each other, we have really good relationship, hopefully we will both get independence one day.
  • Russia-icon.png Russiaball- Was frienemy in past, created my grandfather but is Iranballs ally now, but is helping my brothers now and is good friend.


  • Iran-icon.png Iranball- F*CKING B#TCH KILLED MY GRANDFATHER I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Iran-icon.png: dude you are Iranian like me! stop being annoying!
  • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball- Another devil, doesnt give our clay back.

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  • Draw a sun on the red side, right along the edge of the green part
  • Draw the eyes and you've finished

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