Iraqi Kurdistanball, officially known as the Kurdistani Region of Iraqball, sometimes called Southern Kurdistanball, is the oldest of the Kurdistani independence claims. He supports Iranball and Turkeyball against his brothers which is why he is hated by the other Kurds.


Gaining autonomy

In 1961, he wanted independence so he fought with Iraqball, but 9 years later they stopped fighting and Iraqball gave him autonomy and land but Iraqi Kurdistan got the poorest land and so in 1974 he lost autonomy and fought with Iraqball again to gain back autonomy. Even if Iraqball won the war, Iraqi Kurdistan became autonomous again.


In 1984, he rebelled against Iraqball to get better land, and he won it, but then Iraqball started the Al-Anfal campaign against him which ended in 1989. Kurds would take part in the 1991 uprisings in Iraq and managed to gain some autonomy. In 1994, two factions in Iraqi Kurdistan hated each other and fought, splitting in 1997 the land they had. In 2001 some Islamist Kurdish Groups fought him but they failed. During the Iraq War in 2003, he supported the invaders. Right now he is getting more land in the Iraqi Civil War.


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