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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanball was a historical kebab countryball that is run by (is the) Talibanball . He came into power after Afghanistanball suffered multiple personality disorders and a subsequent invasion by Soviet Unionball. Sovietball withdrew his military in 1989, and several Afghanistanball of different factions started fighting each other, in which Talibanball took over Kabul in 1996. He then established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanball. In December 1999, one of Indiaball's commercial jets were hijacked by Islamic terrorists and landed in Kandahar, which pleased him. In March 2001, he destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas of Buddhism, claiming it to be a false religion. Al-Qaedaball hid in his clay prior to September 11, 2001. A month after 9/11, USAball and his allied invaded Afghanistan and ousted the Taliban regime. He know is currently awaiting reorganization should the Taliban rise again. 

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