Istriaball is a regionball of Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball. He used to be a multi-ethnic separatist once, but today he's a proud regionball of Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball. He is mostly Slavic and also has some Romanians


That's how it looked like when Croatia, Slovenia and Italy fought for Istria after World War I.

Istriaball used to be 50% Croatian; 30% Italian and 20% Slovenian back in 1911. That's why Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball, Slovenia-icon.png Sloveniaball and Italy-icon.png Italyball fought for it so long, but in 1918, Istriaball became part of Kingdom of Italyball. During World War 2 Italian Empireball tried to italianizate Istriaball and remove all Croats. But in 1945, Yugoslaviaball liberated Istriaball from Italy-icon.png Italyball because Italy-icon.png Italyball was not stronk anymore. The northern part (ethnic Slovenian part) became part of SR Sloveniaball, and the Istrian peninsula (ethnic Croatian part) became part of SR Croatiaball. Triesteball stayed part of Italy-icon.png Italyball. Istriaball was happy being part of Yugoslaviaball until the 80s, after Tito's death. After the collapse of Yugoslaviaball, Istrian regionalists wanted to declare independence from Croatiaball, because of the war, and the bad economy in the early 90s. About 70% are Croats, 10% Istrian regionalists, 6% Germans, 6% Italians, 3% Serbs, 2% Bosniaks, 1% Albanians and 2% other live in Istriaball.

How to draw

Draw Istriaball isn't difficult:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two horizontal stripes, blue and green
  2. Draw the coat of arms of Istria in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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