Ivano-Frankivsk Oblastball (Ukrainian: Івано-Франківська область, Romanian: Regiunea Ivano-Frankivskminge, Rusyn/Ruthenian: Івано-Франківска область) is an oblastball located in Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball. It was once known as Stanisławów Voivodshipball and Stanislavball.


Ivano-Frankivsk Oblastball was a 2-icon.png 2ball, adopted by Panslavic-icon.png Slavsball, Kievan Rus-icon.png Kyivan Rusball, Poland-Lithuania-icon.png Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball, Austria-Hungary-icon.png Austria-Hungaryball , Second Polish Republic-icon.png Second Polish Republicball, Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball, Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball, Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball and Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball.

Like his brother Ternopil-icon.png Ternopil Oblastball, he is one of the most pro-Ukraine and anti-Vodka oblastballs.


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