Ivory Coastball is a countryball in west Africa. He likes to be called Ivory Coast-icon Côte d'Ivoireballe. His neighbours are: Ghana-icon Ghanaball (East), Liberia-icon Liberiaball and Guinea-icon Guineaball (West), Mali-icon Maliball and Burkina Faso-icon Burkina Fasoball in the North.

Ivory Coastball's mother is France-icon Franceball, and they still maintain a good relationship. Additionally, Ivory Coastball is good friends with USA-icon USAball, because he buys all of its cocoa. Ivory Coastball can into child labor for help, but many governments look down on it for this.

Besides being part of the family of Franceball, he is also member of the Atlantic Congo family.

He is one of the few African countries who can into rugby.


Ivory Coastball was born as a 8-icon 8ball and was part of Ashanti Empire-icon Ashanti Empireball before he was colonized by France-icon Franceball.

Nowdays, Ivory Coastball is an independent country since 1960. After 10 years of political crisis, he is trying to keep peace and unity on his clay.


He is very proud of his national football team (Les Éléphants) and like dancing Coupé Décalé (his national dance) in nightclubs. He is more relevant than his neighbours (Liberiaball, Maliball and Burkina Fasoball).

Like Nigeriaball, he scams people on Internet (in French speaking counryballs.

The football peace

When he has winned first world cup,the best fotbalist from nation,a big legend in his football has asked for peace with terms he win world cup,after that,the world has stopping the civil war.



  • France-icon Franceball - My adoptive mother, but also a f*** impérialiste !
  • Cameroon-icon  Cameroonball - Mon half brother and football rival in Central Africa, I love his music !
  • USA-icon  USAball - Good friend, who is an ignorant about Africa.
  • Lebanon-icon  Lebanonball - He do lots of business here and is the only arab countryball I like.
  • Ghana-icon  Ghanaball - Anglophone brother.
  • Ashanti Empire-icon  Ashanti Empireball - Rich Grandfather.


  • Al-Qaeda-icon  Al-Qaedaball - 3/11/2016 NEVER FORGET !!!
  • Liberia-icon  Liberiaball - Yuo are of worst neighbour, stupid murican imperialist puppet!!!! Don't try to infect my country with ebola or traffickings!!!
  • Ireland-icon Irelandball - You dumb flag stealer! Admit it already that you stole my flag! RREEMOVE FLAG STEALER!! But we both have the same GDP growth rate (7.80%).
  • USA-icon USAball (former) - I like you... I am pissed now and I'm also pissed at Your expedition

How to draw

Ivory Coastball has a flag that seems the revers of Irelandball's one:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three vertical stripes
  2. Color them of orange, white and green
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.




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