Jōmonball was an ancient tribeball in Japan-icon.png Japanball from 14,000 BC. The Jomon were hunter-gatherers and made some of the finest pottery in history. Their name Jomon originates from the distinct cordmarks that they used for pottery decoration.


Jōmonball evolved from a 1ball. He settled in the Japanese archipelago around 14,000 BC. Then around 1000 BC the Yayoi Japanball arrived and fused together with Jomonball. The Yayoi came from various regions of East Asia. They became the ancient Japanese ancestor called Yamatoball.

It is said that the leader of Jomonball had become the Kousitsuball(皇室球), the Japanese Imperial family ball. This Imperial House has been the leader de jure, mostly figureheads, of Japanball continuously for more than 2000 years.

How to draw

  1. Draw the basic sphere and color it of yellow like here
  2. Draw a little white circle inside and add there a black 縄文
  3. Add two slant eyes and a rice hat. You've finished.

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