Jammu and Kashmirball is an American DJ named KSHMR Indiaball's administrated part of Kashmir. AND THE TRUE KASHMIR REMOVE FAKE KASHMIR.

Map law prevents excluding any part of Jammu and Kashmir in any map of India. Wrong depiction = Rs 100 crore fine and/or seven years imprisonment. Kebab funded media spread leis saying entire Kashmir wants independence, but in reality a handful of Kashmirball's cells were funded by Kebab to stir discontent.

As recently as 2019, Jammu and Kashmirball will be dissolved into the union territoryballs of Jammu and Kashmirball and Ladakhball. Jammu and Kashmirball is outraged at his traitor father, Indiaball. His uncle, Pakistanball, is also of anger. This violated the UN protocols in 1947, and has become an issue also for UNball.


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