Kashmir-icon.png Jammuball is the summer capital of Kashmir-icon.png Jammu and Kashmirball,  India-icon.png Indiaball and was formerly the capital of Kashmir-icon.pngJammu and Kashmirball (princely state) British Raj-icon.png British Rajball


Jammu was originally the winter capital of Kashmir-icon.png Jammu and Kashmirball (princely state)British Raj-icon.png British Rajball and was founded by Jambu Lochan, the Hindu king of the solar lineage. it originated as a fort, Bahu Fort, on the banks of the river Tawi. The name comes from the ancient Hindu myth the Mahabharata. Kashmir-icon.png Jammuball. was once part of Harrapan civilisationball, Mauryaball, Kushan Empireball, Kushanshahsball and Gupta-icon.png Guptaball



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