JapanRawr, officially Allied-occupied JapanRawr, was a post-WWII period of Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball.

The Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball was forced to surrender unconditionally and lost all its overseas territories as punishment for losing World War II. In 1947, the quasi-absolute monarchy was replaced with a new USA-written constitution that included a liberal democracy where the Japanese people were sovereign rather than the Emperor. There was also a pacifist clause (article 9) which made Japan-icon Japanball a pacifist country that lacked an official military. So USA-icon USAball became responsible for protecting Japanball against foreign threats.

JapanRawr was solely controlled by USA-icon USAball. General Douglas MacArthur was nicknamed the Gaijin Shogun (foreign military dictator). Other allies such as Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball had zero influence. It was the only time in history that Japanball surrendered and was occupied by a foreign power.

Her 'symbolic leader', the Koushitsu-ball (皇室球), the Japanese Imperial Family ball, could have been disbanded by the Allies. However, USA-icon USAball with the insistence of Douglas MacArthur and UK-icon UKball approved the continuation of her almost 2000 years long history, but as a figurehead.

The Japanrawr flag was used temporarily as the civil and naval ensign because USA-iconUSAball disapproved of the sun-disc flag. However, the sun-disc flag was still the state flag and the ban was lifted in 1949.


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