USA-icon USAball
Japan-icon Japanball replying to the above (he proceeded to spontaneously explode)
Japan-icon Japanball
*Breathe-in sound of surprise.*
— Any anime character
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A Japanese WWII veteran committing suicide

Japanball (Japanese: 日本球) is a developed, unapologetic puppet countryball of murica countryball in East Asia. He was once an isolated location, then went on to become a major world player after WW1. He is one of the few major non-European empires, just like his then-friendly-rival, USA-icon USAball. Later he joined the Nazi-icon Axis Powers in WW2 but lost and went back to living peacefully, and thus creating stuff which strengthen his economy. He was really an avid fan of art since the 15th century, and now Japanboru get rotsa more money nowadays through his greatest invention -- anime. He is famous for video games like Sonic, Kirby, Mario Brothers, Pac-Man, Dig Dug, etc. Japanball is a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon EUball, also is a member of the OECD-icon OECDball for one of the most economic countryballs in the world, and the UN-icon UNball. Japanball is also one of two balls that can have cat ears and cat tail (kawaii), the other is Hawaii. He also invented emojis.

His clay is made by about 6,852 islands. The four ones are the largest (Hokkaido-icon as Hokkaido a regionball, Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku) making the total of eight regionballs. Japanball has 2 stateballs, One Territoryball, and 43 Prefectureballs, including his capitalball Tokyo-icon Tokyoball. His neighbors are North Korea-icon North Koreaball and South Korea-icon South Koreaball to the west, China-icon Chinaball and Taiwan-icon Taiwanball to the southeast, and Russia-icon Russiaball to the north. His maritime borders are East China Sea and Sea of Okhotsk to the north, Philippine Sea to the south, Sea of Japan (His sea) to the west, and Pacific Ocean to the east. Japanball's clay has a total of 377,973 sq km (145,936 sq mi) as a 61st biggest country in the world, and 126.4 million people entering the top 10 most populous countryballs in the world (as of 2018).


Like all historically existed formal regimes in Japan, his 'leader de jure' is the Kousitsuball (皇室球), the Japanese Imperial Familyball, founded since 660 BCE, the age of Jimmu (神武).

After the WW2, Kousitsu-ball became the 'symbolic leader', not anymore the 'leader de facto'. But it's true that Kousitsu-ball had been, and is still the leader de jure of since 660 BCE.

At first, Japanball used Shintoism-icon Shinto before learning about Buddhism-icon Buddhismball. He started having emperors and eventually became a samurai. One day Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball tried to take 1-icon his clay but couldn't because of mighty Kamikaze typhoon (神風). Japanball's fathers, Tokyo-icon Edoball and Tokugawa-icon Tokugawaball, were reclusive hermits, until one day USA-icon USAball arrived, and taught him how to modernize totally not through Gunship Diplomacy. During the late 1860's revolutions began to sprout across the nation, replacing the Tokugawa Shogunate with the House of the rising sun. With it's leader being Emperor Meiji. In 1868 Japan started trading with other European countryballs as well, but Kingdom of Prussia-icon Germany had yellow fever (not a real disease). He also started to build up a large army and navy, using it to capture Okinawa in 1873, and the Kuril Islands in 1875. In 1894, went to war with Qing-icon Qing Chinaball and defeated him the following year, taking his Formosan (Japanese Taiwan-icon Taiwanball) clay as punishment along with (Qingdao-icon Qingdaoball In 1904, He warred with Russian-Empire-icon Russiaball, and won, taking half of his Sakhalin clay. Then he annexed and raped Korean Empireball. He developed an interest in extreme bondage and subjugation of its (unwilling) sex partners, Japanese Korea-icon Koreaball and Japanese Taiwan-icon Taiwanball, the former was raped in 1910.

When the Great War broke out in 1914, he fought with UK-icon Britainball and France-icon Franceball as part of the Allies, capturing German Empire-icon Germanyball's Chinese possession Tsingtao, and was granted a place in the League of Nations afterwards. But in the 1930s, developed an interest in kidnapping and raping Taiwan-icon Chinaball, which he did in 1937 before his new ally Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball attacked and raped France-icon Franceball. Oh and, even as neonazi, Japan can into kawaii. He also kidnapped Second Philippine Republic-icon Philippinesball, British Singapore-icon Triangapore, British Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball, French Indochina-icon French Indochinaball and Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball, but they were rescued by USA-icon USAball, who also bombed him in his tentacles Hiroshima-icon Hiroshima and Nagasaki-icon Nagasaki parts.

But USA-icon USAball made it up to him by offering free psychotherapy sessions, aka the Marshall Plan, teaching him how to control his lust for his former slaves, and is now one of his best friends and trading partners.

Japanball later achieved rapid growth to become the second-largest economy in za warudo (time freezes), until surpassed by China-icon Chinaball in 2010. He can make anything but is very good at cars, high speed bullet trains and electronics.

His invent amazing tv shows like Takichi's castle and Ninja Warrior, no one ever win! On March 11, 2011 an earthquake and tsunami destroyed a huge chunk of Japan's clay. It also caused a nuclear meltdown poisoning another huge chunk of Japan's clay. That was a very bad day for him.

On April 14, 2016 MULTIPLE earthquakes struck the island of Kyushu. This caused the earthquake to transfer from Japan and Ecuador 3 days later, so now Ecuador-icon Ecuadorball blames Japan for damaging his country. Now the earthquake might trigger another one at the US west coast, but USA-icon USAball was glad that nothing happened after that. 

In PyeongChang Japan got 11th Place in propaganda Medals.

Flag Colors

White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
Crimson Glory 188, 0, 45 C0-M1-Y0.760-K0.262 #BC002D


Like any other countryballs that don't natively speak English, speaks his own dialect of broken English and Yuo needings to watch Anime if yuo wantings to understand what comes of next:

  • Swapping: "R"'s and "L'"s: Japan's speech usually has "R"s and "L"s swapped to make fun at how Japanese usually speak. E.g. "Ball" may be spelled as "Barr" (in romaji "ball" is "boru"). "Hello", spelled as "Harro", "Election" spelled as "Erection", and "Sorry" as "Solly" etc.
  • Anime (アニメ): The best thing ever invented (In Japan) by Nihon boru. Manga is reading anime.
  • Kawaii (可愛い): Usually refers to the adorableness of. In Japanese it means "cute" and Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball.
  • Kakkoii (カッコいい): Usually refers to the coolness of. In Japanese it means "handsome" or "cool".
  • Senpai (先輩): Usually refers to someone who is interested in someone else. Senpai also means a person of higher position. Technically the English equivalent is "Sir". It is often followed by a wish for this "Senpai" to notice him. In the Facebook community, the phrase "Senpai noticed me" is often used for reference to replying to a fan.
  • Waifu (ワイフ): a term that someone has great, and sometimes romantic, affection for.
  • Desu (です): Used to end a sentence. English translation is "is". Also Latvia-icon Latvian for sausage.
  • Nani? (何?): English translation is "What?".
  • Sensei (先生): Usually refers to someone who is teaching something because it is the Japanese word for "teacher", however, specialists such as doctor or artist (including manga artist) could also be called "Sensei".
  • Banzai (万歳 or 萬歲): "Ten thousand years" Usually used as a term of 'long live the emperor' which the Japanese would yell during World War II.
  • Tomodachi (友達): Japanese word for friends. (While talking about one friend, use the word Yujin)
  • Shine (死ね): Die!
  • Baka (na)! (馬鹿(な)): Roughly translates to idiot. Often used by Tsundere characters. It also means "impossible".
  • Bakatodesu: Roughly translates in countryball to "is of stupid."
  • -teru or -su: Added to ends of some words to make fun of the Japanese accent
  • Jap (ジャップ) : Origin is derogatory name of Japanese people. Now it means that Mortification jokes of Japanese things.
  • Horuhoru (ホルホル): To self-praising about Japanese culture (Almost animes)
  • Karoshi (過労死): Newer suicide pattern of Japanball.
  • Otaku (オタクorヲタク): Weeaboo
  • Densha (電車): Trains.
  • Kimi Wa (君は): You.
  • Watashi (私): I/Me.



  • Murica-icon Amerika-san- He can into arriance and tlade! Though I find it odd that whire he carrs me a sick pervert for inventing tentacre rape, he invented TREE BRANCH rape in his sick firm Evir Dead!! But arso can of rikings into our kawaii! I heard about yuo new president, good ruck, I hope he brings peace and prosperity (His son rikes oul anime!). And just to ret yuo know, DAISUKI!!!! USA love our video Games, So I gib Him Pokemon and Supel Malio Blothels. (But I Have Three Probrems, He Keeps Plonouncing Pokemon "Pokeyman" and LEMOVE ROGAN PAUR, AND YOU NUKED US TWICE!!!) but we stirr of havings good lerationship.
  • Argentina-icon Aruzenchin-san - OMG ITS THE MELIODAS I LOVE YOU!!!
  • EU-icon Ōshūrengō-san, Indonesia-icon Indoneshia-san and Philippines-icon Firipin-san - They can rikings into our kawaii.
  • Palau-icon Parao-san - lalery gets spoken of. I of kidnap him back then, and I was into destloying his home and his rand. Especiarry Peleliuball. I'm vely solly. On the blight side, I taught him to speak Japanese! So he cannot into weeaboo.
  • Portugal-icon Porutogaru-san - Ah yes, he is the first European country to step on the soil of my land, and he introduced me to the usage of muskets back then. Sengoku Period was getting boring with simpry just swords and bows. He knows we are experienced with gunpowder, so he taught us how to make our own Muskets during the Sengoku Period. 
  • Malaysia-icon Marēshia-san - My waifu visited his clay in December 16.
  • Poland-icon Polando-san - Happy 100th birthday!
  • Maldives-icon Mardivis-san - I'm solly for destroying Yaahunbara boat.I wirr gib yuo Rice every yearr :3
  • Iran-icon Iran-san - We had great history. He rikes our Cal brands and gibs Oir that I can make good Cals for him, we rove cats too, but he is of friend with the damn Communists China-icon Chinaball and Russia-icon Russiaball
  • ASEAN-icon ASEAN-san, East Timor-icon Azuma timōru-san, Papua New Guinea-icon Papuanyūginia-san  and Solomon Islands-icon Soromon shotō-san - Japanese Empire-icon (tangle)Recraim Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere!Japanese Empire-icon (tangle) Trading partners, just trading partners.
  • Brazil-icon Burajiru-san - My south american friend. He has the largest japanese population outside Japan and i also host one of the largest amount of his population. He also can into liking anime! Arigato.
  • El Salvador-icon Erusarubadoru-san - My central american friend that I support the benefits, and he also can into liking TV Series, Anime, and Video games! I aplecciate you for get a new president of 2019.
  • India-icon Indo-san - Hory rand of Buddha and food. Roves our Kawaii and hates that punk China-icon. Great friend is of スケベ (perv) Also Security Pact, so DEFEND CURRY! Tokyoball is of sick with too many Indo please remove some
  • Egypt-icon Ejiputo-san - Ancient Middle east friend. We have great history and especially cat lovers.
  • Turkey-icon Toruko-san - Asian friend. Wanna learn from yuo how to captuled Constantinopre for taking Midway.
  • Israel-icon Isuraeru-san - Juden friend. Yuor tech is good.
  • Chile-icon Chiri-san - Chiru-san or Aureria, We can both into erquaku, he hito me once with one, I hito him back with other and so on...
  • Philippines-icon Firipin-san is also an Otaku country (#1 otaku besides me) roves being kawaii especially their cospray queen Alodia (Even he rikes K-pop and Kdramas arso). Arso my ferrow Nihonji like his curture as well is also some of my ferrow otaku countrymen rikes Breedman-senpai's anime-styred artworks (Even he's a roricon) maybe we can work together to make his comics into an Anime someday, Also aporogy to my Imperiaristic version of myserf for invading yuo and yuor people. We are arso good trading partners especiarry we gib investments arso keep-up the good work to fight drugs arso we sell them new Coast Guards vessers for their PCG and btw i designed your first microsaterrite the "DIWATA 1"? (and wtf is a fairytale in a satellite?, Maybe our F-2 Fighters and Type-74 tanks someday in the future, once our SDF becomes a miritar againi and arrow us to export weaponries desu!)
  • Italy-icon Itaria-san is also a Otaku country roves being kawaii especially He rikes to make cospray (Even he rikes K-pop and Kdramas arso). We are friends since Imperiaristic version of myserf. We are arso good trading partners. Super Mario is Italian. They made Eurobeat for assu. Oh and don't forget about WW2. キリトはイタリア人ではない!!! Also Love Live! Sunshine!! Movie Over the Rainbow will be filmed in Itaria-chan's clay.
  • Indonesia-icon Indoneshia-san - Same rike Phirippines, many of his people are anime rovel. Especiarry, Naruto. And gomenasai fol 1942. I killed many of yuor peopre. But at reast, yuo learned from me how to be a nationarist.
  • Czech-icon Checko-san - My friend, WHY YUO OF CALLING ME TOMIO OKAMURA?
  • Sweden-icon Swede-san - We both rikes the song Caramerrdansenu especiarry i translated it in Nihonji version!
  • Romania-icon Rūmania-san, Greece-icon Girisha-san, Bulgaria-icon Burugaria-san, and Serbia-icon Serubia-san - They rike my anime and sushi (and nintendo). Especiarry, Greece-icon Girisha-san is my debt-par.
  • Georgia-icon Jojia-san - They rike us and we invest many moni there... they are very kawaii too. And can into sumo wrestring...
  • Croatia-icon Cloatia-san - Another Barukan fliendo. Has a gleatu coast and roves my anime too!
  • France-icon Furansu-chan - Big fan, I rike her very much. She gave rittle Saitama-kun its own fun cycring race.
  • UK-icon Igirisu-san - Westeln fliendo. We are the most polite nations in za warudo. He is cat rovel too. And solly fol WW2, I seized yuor corony in Southeast Asia.
  • Germany-icon Doitsu-san - Great support in science and architecture and we were arries during WW2! GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!
  • Netherlands-icon Oranda-san- Good European tomodachi-desu. He can into rikings kawaii and my games, and he also usings to own one of Dejima-icon my islands in the past.
  • Thailand-icon Prathesthiy-san/Thailan-san - Admirer and forced u to givu passage in WWII. He also is Buddhist and has kawaii college girls.
  • Canada-icon Kanada-san - Good friend who roves anime (I gave him Sailor Moon, InuYasha and Pretty Cure to dub into Engrish). Arso, Avril Lavigne, yuor Canadian Hello Kitty song is of very kawaii... but sometimes I confuse him with America-san... well they speak English so are same thing.
  • Iraq-icon Iraku-san - Rikes my cal brands and we both have rich history and he is also a cat lover.
  • Peru-icon Peru-san - Good Sourth amerlican fliend that can into APEC like me! He has one of the biggest communities of japanese peopre! Goku is of populal thele, like Toyota! But I'm solly fol Alberto Fujimori, he of destloyed Peru.
  • Serbia-icon Srbije-san Barukan fliendo! I rike going in his cray. I arso gave him mole jobs!
  • Sri Lanka-icon Suriranka-san - Defended me from paying reparations after World War II, loves my technology. I also give him much aid. But stay away from China!
  • 2-icon Hakujin-Sama - be roved me! My anime-character's face parts is also rikery white pelson but not japonic. I rove hakujin. In Japanese TV that called Horuhoru-Bangumi (It means "Staged TV-Program which is Foreigners (almost White persons but black person and asian case is very rarely) praise about japanese things"), White persons said "Japan is cool". Thank yuo for travering my clay I securetry discuraiminate yuo... especiarry the hafu. yuo cannot into rearu Japanese!!!! WWWWWWWWW
  • Yakutia-icon Sakhaball - i will help you to get indepedence from that aggresive vodka!
  • Mebrouk - A good deviant who loves Animes, and we both hate this pussy


  • Mongolia-icon Mongoru-san- at some point we can be cooru but stirr...(see enemies list)
  • Russia-icon Roshia-san - 千島列島 は俺の正当な領土! Rikes orudo japan car. And I rike Roritas. Doesn't wants to give  Chishimaball back, but he's stirr a good guy.
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwan-san - Best basebarru friends! Kawaii just rike me! Herupu each other in disasters! (biggest aid aftel what happen in Tōhoku ) Kinda hates me for reign of terror, BUT THAT IS OF RIE!!! WHY YUO WITH CHŪGOKU?!  HOMOSEXUAL PREDATOR DETECTED. NANI?!!!
  • South Korea-icon Kangoku-san - Your girls are of kawaii and re both role football and hosted 2002 world cup but hates me, yuor ritteru puny fan can do nothing! WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Gib k pop and Samsung phone or memory. Yuo say yuo of hatings hentai, when yuo Eatings It! UFUFUFUFUFU!!!!! Still of hot. We are stirr the tlio arries with USA-icon USAball. WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT MY | RISING SUN FLAG?! WHY?! IT’S WHAT OF DEFINES MY SELF DEFENCES FORCES! BANZAI!
  • Saudi Arabia-icon Saujiarabia-san - Is of sharia kebab but rikes, good I made car and gives, But I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YUOR ARABIAN STUDENTU DETOROYING MY BEAUTIFUL TEMPURU!
  • League of Nations-icon Kokusairenmei-sensei - How bout I won't join yuo?
  • GCC-icon Wangan kyōryoku kyōgi-kai: Trading Partners, gib oil. SOON I WILL DESTROY PEARR INDUSTRY AGAIN 
  • Okinawa-icon Okinawa-san - Rittre Brother. He rives in my house with my kids. but... (see enemies list)
  • Finland-icon Finrando-san - Hatsune Miku sings yuor song. She of stealings idea.
  • South Sudan-icon Minami Sūdan-san - Meh. He of the okays. I of consider gibing supports. BUT WHY YOU FRIENDS WID VODKA?


  • China-icon Chugoku and North Korea-icon Kitachōsen - お前は愚かな独裁国家だ!我々はナショナリズムをぶっ潰す!俺たちは共産主義を消す!インターネット上の我々のアニメをどうしようとも無駄な検閲だ!俺は満洲を再び建国しようとしている!そして、蒙古聯合自治政府は貴様を殺す! - よお共産主義の豚!お前をぶっ殺す!! - Comfort women (or Ord Kawaii as some peopre wourd rike to carr them) and genocide is of rie! Arways of comprain about Nanking Massacre! Gib minerars! (arso has tlied many times to send me to therapy conversion and it did not seem of wolkings) Recentry, North Korea-icon North Korea has of raunched 4 missile-ru at my precious sea. Perhaps I shourd of be instarring THAAD myserf just rike South Korea-icon South Korea-san did. (China: I OF HEARD YUO!) Japan: SH*TU! (Weeks later...) OK North Korea-icon COMMIE KOREA! RAUNCHING MISSILE-RU AT MY SEA WAS OF BAD ENOUGH BUT NOW THEY ARE OF GOING OVER MY CLAY?!?!?!? THAT IS IT IVE HAD ENOUGH OF YUO LAUNCHING NUKES AT ME YUO OF SCARED MY CITIZENS I HOPE AMERIKA-SAN AND FLIENDS INVADESU YUOR CLAY AND DESTLOYS YOUR MISSILES FIRST TIME WAS OF SCARY BUT NOW YUO R OF PISSING ME OFF and is of REARRY ANNOYING!!! REMOVE COMMUNISM!!! IMPERIALISM STRONG!!! NANKING MASSACRE IS OF THE FAKE CCP IS OF THE PRANT FAKE EVIDENCE SO CAN GUIRT US!!! However, at least China-icon Chugoku is my good student in modernization and since he is so good a student, I am considering of removing HUAWEI in order to protect my IT industry.
  • Australia-icon Ōsutoraria - Yuor rittre "anti-wharing environmentarists (Sea shepherd) of rearry getting annoyings! I wirr remove kangaroo!!
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - THEY KIRR MY 2 JOURNARİSTS!!!! REMOVE TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!! What is a terrorist? and Ha your executioner got Air striked.
  • Macedonia-icon Kita Makedonia - BA-BAKA NA!!! YOU STORE WAGAHAI'S ORUDO EMPILE!!! Arexanda the Gureto is GREEKU!! You are BULGARIAN!
  • Mongolia-icon Mongoru-kun - TRIED TO INVADE ME TWICE as Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball BUT DIED IN A TORNADO, I MEAN TYPHOON!!!!! NO! KAMIKAZE!!!!!!! But we don't really interact with each other. But if he tries to invade me I am ready.
  • Logan paul icon-3 Rogan Paul - GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY.
  • Japanese-Empire-icon Nihon teikoku - U my f*cking fathel is the leason why some people (especially South Korea-icon South Koreaball, China-icon Chinaball, and Russia-icon Russiaball) hate me! And you were insane! LEMOVE YOU, AND I AM PELFECT! I will come back my father
  • Ryukyu-icon Ryūkyū ōkoku - Actuarry anschluss victim. YUO ARE OKINAWA A PALT OF JAPAN! YUO WIRR NEVEL INDEPENDENT FROM WATASHI!
  • Okinawa-icon Okinawaball - I hate yuo because yuo are money stealer and unfair beggar! BE TO BURGER AIRFORCE'S BASE!
  • Bangladesh-icon Banguradeshu - ANOTHER FLAG STEARER!! BANGLADESU!!
  • Colombia-icon Koronbia - I DEFEAT YUO AT THE 2018 WORLD CUP!!
  • SPQR-icon Saderan Empireball - YUO WIRR PAY ME FOR INVADING ME! Werr atreast we're in peace now!


  • "desu desu"
  • "OMAE WA MOU SHINDERU" (お前はもう死んでいる : You are already dead)
  • "AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! IT IS OF GOJIRA (Godzilla)!!!"
  • "ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! "ORA!" (おら!)
  • "MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA!" (無駄 : Uselessness)
  • "KAMEHAMEHA!!" (カメハメ波)
  • "Sugoi!" (凄い : Amazing or Terrible)
  • "Nani?" (何? : What?)
  • "Minna!" (みんな : We)
  • "Henshin!" (変身 : Transformation!)
  • "CHIDORI!" (千鳥)
  • "Tentacre pornu is bestu."
  • "OPPAI!!!" (オッパイ : Ti*s)
  • "Gomen nasai." (御免なさい : I'm sorry)
  • Okane!!! (His eyes, normally closed, open and turn into yen symbols: ¥ ¥) (お金 : Currency)
  • "Recraim Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere!"
  • "Senpai?" -To all Western nations
  • "BaShow MoreShow Fewer-Baka me!!!!"
  • "Daisuki!" (大好き : I love)
  • "DESU!!!!
  • "LIZARDON, DORAGON CRO!" (リザードン、ドラゴンクロー!)
  • 「朕茲ニ戰ヲ宣ス」 - declaring war against USA(in 1941), or against communism China and both Korea who keep insulting sacred Imperial Family of Japan(after 201X). Now he is most pervert nation in world.
  • KAWAII!!! (So cute!)





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