Japanese Koreaball was a puppet of Japanese Empireball during the colonial period of Korean peninsula.



In 1910, by the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1910, Korean Empireball became Japanese Koreaball as a puppet state of Japanese Empireball.

Back then, he was the largest overseas community of Empire of Japanball.

Force labor times

Since Empire of Japanball started World War II with Nazi Germanyball in 1939, Empire of Japanball forced Japanese Koreaball into labor. Also, forced Japanese Koreaball into World War II battles.


Japanese Koreaball became independent in 1945. Soon after Sovietball and USAball invaded and created North Koreaball and South Koreaball, which led into the Korean War and the division of Korean Empireball. With North Koreaball later becomings a bad commie ball.