This Jeju is for the city of Jeju. For the province of Jeju-do, go to Jeju-doball
Jejuball or Jeju Islandball is a cityball in South Korea-icon South Koreaball. The city is named after his father, Jeju-doball. It is frequently visited by Chinese people, but it nowadays has problems where Chinese people are buying excessive land in Jeju, making Jeju almost Chinese property.

Jejuball is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and has probably the cleanest nature in Asia. Hallasan is also located in Jeju, which is South Korea's highest mountain.


Jeju-do was for a long time an independent 1-icon 1ball and rather separated from the rest of Korea. After the division of Korea and before the outbreak of the Korean War in 1949, many of the island's people rose up against the government of the Republic of Korea, for which they were accused of being communists and later brutally arrested and killed. Nowadays though Jeju-do has become a popular tourist destination, having beautiful beaches and Korea's 2nd highest mountain (Hallasan) after Baekdusan (which is located in North Korea).


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