Kaifeng-icon.png Kaifengball is a city of He-nan-icon.png Henanball, China-icon.png Chinaball. Kaifengball is one of the most well know cityball of China. Kaifengball famous for it long history and wealth of culture. Kaifengball was the largest city under the regime of Songball, and the first city that reached 1 million population. At the same time, he was also the origin of the Hakkas culture, so Hakka dialect actually is ancient Kaifeng dialect. Also, he has a lot of Jews.


Kaifengball born as a 1-icon.png 1ball, adopted by 1-icon (division).png icon Dynastic Chinaball, Republic of China-icon (1912-1928).png ROCball and China-icon.png Chinaball. Kaifengball used to be the capital of southern Song dynasty, Weiball (Warristateballs) and former capital of Henan province. But due to its geographical disadvantage, and frequent flood attacking, Kaifengball lost its advance place of economical and population in Chinaball. Today,his economy is based on tourism.

Kaifengball was also called Kaifeng Fuball in Song dynasty, where is the workplace of the famous righteous government official Justice Bao.

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