Kalugaball is an European city of Russia-icon Russiaball. Kalugaball is very interested in astronomy.


His real birthday is unknown. However, he is mentioned in the Lithuanian chronicle in 1371 as a city on the border with Lithuania.

The meaning of the name Kaluga

Kaluga was known for the fact that its name in Old Russian means "swamp." It was a trading city.

Kaluga principality

After measuring Ivan III, his fourth son, Semyon Ivanovich founded the Kaluga Principality in 1505, but he was annexed to the Moscow principality (Muscovy) in 1518.

The Kaluga Soviet Republic 1917-1918

During the October Revolution. Kaluga Soviet Republic was established in Kaluga. However, in 1918 it was canceled and attached to the RSFSR.


In the days of the USSR, the Kaluga region was not there. But after the Kaluga offensive operation (1944), it got its own area.

By the way, the Kaluga region is the homeland of the commander Zhukov.

Soviet Era

After the work of Tsiolkovsky, Kaluga is called "the cradle of cosmonautics"


Despite the terrible economic period. Kaluga was easier than other areas.


It is sometimes called the "Russian Detroit"

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