Minamoto Clan-icon Kamakura Shogunateball was a feudal Japan-icon Japanball, ruled by members of the Minamoto Clan and a military dictator called the Shogun. It is most notable for repelling two massive invasions of the Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball.

Mongol Invasions

The Mongol Empire-icon Mongols had conquered East Asia including China and Korea, Central Asia, and much of Eastern Europe. Next, they wanted to subjugate Minamoto Clan-icon Japanball.

The first Mongol Empire-icon Mongol invasion arrived in Japan in 1274. More of the Mongols were dead in an eight-hour battle than the total amount of Mongols who died fighting in China and Korea. Japan cannot into lose and the Japanese Army outnumbered the Mongols. Then the Mongols died in a typhoon (not a tornado). It was called the kamikaze (divine wind) for destroying the Mongol fleet. Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball demanded Japanball to surrender, but instead of that, Japan defended himself and a Trump wall was built.

Mongol Empire-icon Mongolman came back in 1281. This was the biggest invasion force until D-Day in World War II. They fought the Japanese in Kyushu-iconKyushu but were repelled by samurai forces. Most of their fleet was destroyed in another kamikaze typhoon.

How To Draw

  1. Draw a ball (not perfect sphere) and color it white.
  2. Simply draw the Kamakura mon inside it.
  3. Draw 2 eyes.


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