Kazakh Khanatebrick (1456–1847) was a historical countrybrick that lasted from the 15th to 19th centuries. He was one of the successors of Golden Horde-icon.png Golden Hordeball. Kazakh Khanatebrick was a powerful Turkic state but nomadic. He was weakened by Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball invasions that made him split into three Juzes which was annexed by Russian-Empire-icon.png Russian Empireball in 1847. His appearance marked the beginning of a brick identity.


Kazakh Khanatebrick was the son of the Golden Horde-icon.png Golden Hordeball. While being a Blank-icon.png White Hordeball, he came under control by his twin-brother Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball who disrespected his father. Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball conquered almost all of entire modern-day Kazakhstan. Because of being overconfident, he attacked Four Oirat-icon.png Four Oiratball which proved to be a fatal mistake that brought destruction and chaos among the steppe. As a result, Kazakh Khanatebrick decided to flee him in the late 1450s where he asked Moghulistan-icon.png Moghulistanball for help. Kazakh Khanatebrick decided to liberate all the clay controlled by his brother. Because of this, Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball went after Kazakh Khanatebrick in 1468 to stop him, this sparked a huge a revolt from different places that Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball controlled. Kazakh Khanatebrick allied himself with his other brothers Khanate of Sibir-icon.png Khanate of Sibirball, and Nogai-icon.png Nogai Hordeball who were also seeking to take clay from Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball. Unfortunately, Nogai-icon.png Nogai Hordeball and Moghulistan-icon.png Western Moghulistanball later on betrayed him and sided with Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball which was a setback for the Kazakh Khanatebrick. However, he managed to take some clay which made Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball sign peace in 1500 that conceded all the clay that Kazakh Khanatebrick wanted. Because of this, Uzbek Khanate-icon.png Uzbek Khanateball decided to steal clay from the weak Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball with a help of Moghulistan-icon.png Western Moghulistanball instead. He managed to take Samarkandball and Bukharaball from the Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball which made him change into Khanate of Bukhara-icon.png Khanate of Bukharaball. The peace between Kazakh Khanatebrick and Khanate of Bukhara-icon.png Khanate of Bukharaball didn't last long. Khanate of Bukhara-icon.png Khanate of Bukharaball decided to attack Kazakh Khanatebrick once again in 1510 which ended up failing. As revenge, Kazakh Khanatebrick allied himself with Safavid-icon.png Safavid Dynastyball and went on the offensive. He attempted to capture Tashkentball from Khanate of Bukhara-icon.png Khanate of Bukharaball in 1513 but was wounded and decided to retreat to prepare for winter instead which allowed Khanate of Bukhara-icon.png Khanate of Bukharaball to successfully focus on defending himself against Safavid-icon.png Safavid Dynastyball. After that, Kazakh Khanatebrick decided to get revenge against the traitorous Nogai-icon.png Nogai Hordeball. He launched an invasion in 1519 and captured Saray-Jukball in 1522 which was the capital. This made the Nogai-icon.png Nogai Hordeball flee and attack the Astrakhan Khanate-icon.png Astrakhan Khanateball. The Kazakh Khanatebrick found it hard to defend the city from constant Nogai-icon.png Nogai Hordeball attacks, so he ended up leaving it. This made things worse as the other Kazakh Khanatebricks became frustrated which resulted in a civil war. The bordering countryballs took the opportunity by stealing clay from Kazakh Khanatebricks who reunited in 1538 and fought back to retake clay from the enemies. The rest of the 16th century was good for Kazakh Khanatebrick, he enjoyed peace and everyone around was afraid of him. He got along with Khanate of Bukhara-icon.png Khanate of Bukharaball who sometimes would invade him but he'd always kick his ass. That was until there was a nasty surprise in the east.

The newly established Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball thought he could become Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball again. So he decided to attack all his neighbors, including the Kazakh Khanatebrick as well. Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball believed in Buddhism-icon.png Buddhism while Kazakh Khanatebrick believed in Islam-icon.pngIslam. The conflict was horrendous and devastating for the Kazakh Khanatebrick. The Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball took over many cities and clay that was held by the Kazakh Khanatebrick. Many of his cities were destroyed and his fellow bricksmen were killed. To make matters worse, the Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball kidnapped Swedish Empire-icon.png Swedenball who helped him to use guns and cannons. He began using them against Kazakh Khanatebrick's bows and spears. Because of this, the Kazakh Khanatebrick begged for the File:Russian-icon.png Russian Empireball protection in exchange for affiliation. Seeing how successful Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball himself was, he attacked Qing-icon.png Qingball which gave the opportunity for the Kazakh Khanatebrick to reorganize and fight back. Because of losses against Qing-icon.png Qingball, the Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball signed a truce with Kazakh Khanatebrick since the Qing-icon.png Qingball was a bigger threat. Seeing the Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball losing, the Kazakh Khanatebrick decided to make one full attack on him. The Qing-icon.png Qingball killed the Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball and took part of his clay while Kazakh Khanatebrick got the other half.

After a long time of fighting, the Kazakh Khanatebrick was weakened which allowed Russia-icon.png Russian Empireball to slowly take full control. Time from time, Russia-icon.png Russian Empireball took clay from the Kazakh Khanatebrick. He also banned Kazakh Khanatebrick from having any representation in the legislative structures. Because of this, Kazakh Khanatebrick sided with his brothers Emirate of Bukhara-icon.png Emirate of Bukharaball, and Khanate of Kokand-icon.png Khanate of Kokandball. He rebelled against Russian-Empire-icon.png Russian Empireball which ended up him being killed in 1847.





өкінішке орай жоқ


  • Qing-icon.pngQingball - Good guy that helped me beat Dzungars, but then stole my clay.



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