The Kazakh SSRbrick was a Soviet-icon.png Soviet Socialist Repubrick in Central Asia.


In 1917, Russian-Empire-icon.png Russian Empireball was overthrown by and killed by Soviet-icon.png Sovietball. Soviet-icon.png Sovietball then bought some of his sons' new clothes that were red, had designs and had the Hammer and sickle-icon.png Hammer & Sickle.

In 1942, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball gave guns to his sons including Kazakh SSRbrick to fight Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball.

In 1961, he helped send Russian SFSR-icon.png Russian SFSRball into space.

In 1991, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball died and Soviet Kazakhbrick changed his name to Kazakh-icon.png Kazakhbrick and bought new clothes



How to draw

Draw Kazakhbrick SSR is simple:

  1. Draw a brick.
  2. Color it of this red and add a blue stripe near the bottom.
  3. Draw a gold Hammer and sickle-icon.png hammer and sickle and a star on the top of it on the top-left corner.
  4. Draw the eyes and you have finished.


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