Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, you very nıce place!
— Borat
Sálem! (Hello!)
— Kazakhstan on a usual day
Altyn kün aspany, Altyn dän dalasy,

Erliktiŋ dastany – Elime qaraşy!

Ejelden er degen, Daŋqymyz şyqty ğoı,

Namysyn Bermegen, Qazağym myqty ğoı!!

Meniŋ elim, meniŋ elim,

Güliŋ bolyp egilemin!

Jyryŋ bolyp tögilemin, elim!

Twğan jerim meniŋ, Qazaqstanym!

— Kazakh national anthem

Kazakhbrıck, sometımes spelt Qazaqbrıck, offıcıally the Repubrıck of Kazakhstan, ıs a countrybrick Kebab country ın Central Asıa and Eastern Europe. He ıs bordered by Russia-icon Russıaball to the North, Uzbek-icon Uzbekıstanball, Kyrgyz-icon Kyrgyzstanball, and Turkmen-icon Turkmenıstan to the South, China-icon Chınaball to the East, and the Caspıan Sea to the East. The country ıs dıvıded ınto 14 regıons, ıncludıng the capıtal Astana-icon Nursultanbrıck located ın the Akmola-icon Akmolabrıck regıon, gıvıng hım a total area of 2 724 900 square kılometers, makıng hım both the 9th largest country and the largest landlocked country ın the world. As of 2018, he maıntaıns a populatıon of about 18.37 mıllıon ınhabıtants.

Kazakhstan sometımes lets Russia-icon Russıaball and other former Sovıet state members use hıs clay for launchıng rockets ınto space and ınto anybody Ukraine-icon USA-icon Turkey-icon EU-icon the launcher wants removed. Russıa has taken a Kazakh astronaut ınto space, Aıdyn Aımbetov.

Sınce he ıs a brıck, he requıres the help of Kyrgyz-icon Kyrgyzstanball, Tajik-icon Tajıkıstanball, Turkmen-icon Turkmenıstanball, and Uzbek-icon Uzbekıstanball as wheels to be able to move. He hopes to be part of BRICS-icon BRICS. Why? Because Kazakhstan can ınto BRICKS!

Hıs natıonal day ıs December 21st. Hıs Astrologıcal sıgn ıs Caprıcorn.



From the Lower Paleolıthıc age, Kazakhstan was ınhabıted by 2balls who lıved ın nomadıc lıfestyle sınce the area was suıtable that way. However, there was a dry clımate perıod whıch forced the 2balls to mıgrate towards north ın what ıs now present-day Russıaball where there were more forests. After the end of the dry perıod ın the begınnıng of the 1st mıllennıum BC, nomadıc populatıons mıgrated ınto Kazakhstan agaın from the west and the east, repopulatıng abandoned areas. These ıncluded several Indo-European trıbes, often known collectıvely as Scythıanballs.

1st to 8th century

The Huns entered Kazakhstan as well. Because of that, many of ıts ınhabıtants mıgrated westward ınto Europe, some were absorbed by the Huns.

By the begınnıng of the 6th Century, the Rouran Khaganateball had annexed areas that were later part of eastern Kazakhbrıck. He was kılled and succeeded by Gokturkball.

Gokturkball mıgrated westward and pushed the remnants of the Huns west and southward. By the mıd-6th Century, the Central Eurasıan steppes was conquered by hım. A few decades later, a cıvıl war resulted ın the khaganate being splıt ın two. Gokturkball controlled the western portıon. In 659, he was taken over by Tangball. Towards the end of the 7th Century, Gokturkball reunıted ınto the Second Turkıc Khaganateball. However, the khaganate began to fragment agaın only a few generatıons later.

8th to 15th century

In the 8th and 9th centurıes, portıons of southern Kazakhbrıck were conquered by Abbasid Caliphateball who ıntroduced Islam. Oghuz Yabguball controlled western Kazakhbrıck from the 9th through the 11th centurıes; the Kımek Khanateball and Kıpchakball, also of cCc Turkıc cCc orıgın, controlled the east at roughly the same tıme. In turn the Cumanball controlled western Kazakhbrıck from around the 12th century untıl the 1220s.

In the begınnıng of the early 11th century, the Qarlukıds fought constantly among themselves and wıth Seljukball to the south. The Qarlukıds were conquered ın the 1130s by Kara-Khanıdball, whıch lasted untıl the Mongol Empireball ınvasıon from 1219 to 1221 kılled hım.

Kazakh Khanate (1465-1848)

The Kazakh Khanatebrıck was the father of Kazakhbrıck. Kazakhbrıck was then part of the Russian-Empire-icon Russıan Empıreball and was called Kyrgyz.

Kazakhbrıck ın hıs early lıfe (1917-1936)

Kazakhbrıck was born in 1917 wıth the help of the Russıan White Movement-icon Whıte Movement under a name called Alash Autonomy-icon Alash Autonomybrıck. He was, however, recognızed by only one country, the Republic of China-icon (1912-1928) Republıc of Chına.

Sovıet Era (1922-1991)

Durıng Sovıet times he was a repubrıck of the Soviet-icon USSRball. When the USSRball broke he was poor but then he got oıl monıes and ınto launchıng spaceshıps.

Repubrıck of Kazakhstan

Then UK-icon UKball created Borat. He annoyed Kazakbrıck so much that he made a medıa campaıgn for the world to see hım as he really ıs. But Borat called ıt "propaganda", even blaming the Uzbek-icon doubly-landlocked, or in his terms, "evıl nıtwıts of Uzbekıstan" on ıt. The one true thıng that Borat says ıs that Kazakhstan has the best potassıum in the world and that all other countrıes are run by lıttle gırls.

Now Kazakhstan-icon Kazakbrıck ıs using oıl monıes to hunt Borat down and brıng hım to a court of justıce.

He also can ınto hıs own pro cyclıng team lıke hıs frıends Bahraınball and UAEball: Nursultan Pro Team.

Hıs presıdent Nursultan Nazarbayev resıgned ın March 21st 2019 after rulıng Kazakhbrıck for nearly over 3 decades. Nursultan ıs stronk.

Flag Colors

Maın Colors

Turquoıse Surf 0, 175, 202 C100-M13-Y0-K21 #00AFCA

Emblem Colors

Mıkado Yellow 254, 197, 12 C0-M22-Y95-K0 #FEC50C

Specıal Letters

We use Cyrıllıc script, but lıke Azerbaijan-icon Azerıball, we have some slıghtly changed letters. These are Əə, Ғғ (not Letter F. Look closely! The lıne ın the mıddle goes through the letter!), Ққ, Ңң, Өө, Ұұ, Үү, Ii, and a specıal kınd of letter h.

Ə, ө and ү corresponds to German “ä, ö, ü”. “Қ” corresponds to “q”, sometimes read as “kh”, and Ғ is sımılar to Arabıc “غ” (Ghayn), the Gh sound. About “ң”... Well, do you know how to pronounce the “ك” ın Uyghur-icon Uyghurball‘s language that has three dots on ıt? Yes!

Russians use “У” for /u/, but Kazakhbrıck's “У” sounds a bıt more like W. For /ʊ/, he uses ұ.

Letter Ii ıs sımılar to the Ukraınıan “ï”, pronounced “yi”. Meanwhile the other I sounds (И, Й, Ы) translates to y, ï and ı (The Turkish “Eh”/“uh”) ın the Latın Kazakh scrıpt that wıll be used ın a few years!

Last, lıke Arabıc, we have 2 kinds of letter h. One is Хх, which corresponds to Arabic “ح” (/χ/) , and the other one corresponds to “ه”. The dıfference? It ıs that the former sounds a bıt lıke kh wıthout the k and the latter ıs the normal h.


Достар (Frıends)

  • USA-icon USAball - He was the first to recognize me as a country, His president praises me and my president. We both have embassies in each other's capitals, He in Astana-icon Nursultanbrick and I in WashingtonDC-icon DCball. Son of the..............UK-icon UK?!?!?!? but however we still have great relationship though. BUT REMOVE JAKE PAUL
  • Mongolia-icon Mongoliaball- Has an embassy in Nursultanbrick and a Consulate General in Almaty. Kazakhbrick has an embassy in Ulaanbaatarball. Also he is my brother.
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - He is my brother.
  • Bashkortostan-icon Bashkortostanball- He is my Insignificant musician brother
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - He is my great friend. But let me into BRICS will ya?
    • Russia-icon - No *eyes widen*
    • Kazakh-icon - Why not? *Confused look*
    • Russia-icon - Because ummmmm.....your shape could topple us...O_O  *starts sweating with FEAR over       Kazakh's shape*
  • Czech-icon Czechiaball - you funny fool, you tried borat swimming suit, but do not worry, I'll pay penalty because it was only horseplay
  • Abbasid-icon Abbasid Caliphateball - Godfather. He turned me into kebab. Without him, I would probably have not been born. Thank yuo so much for "establishing" me! Wish he was still alive. Too bad he didn't last long.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - There are about 100k Koreans living here since 1930s. Plus I like their culture.
  • Turkmen-icon Turkmenistanball- He is my insane brother.
  • Kyrgyz-icon Kyrgyzstanball - He is my poor brother.
  • Tajik-icon Tajikistanball - He is my Persian friend.
  • UAE-icon UAEball, Qatar-icon Qatarball, Bahrain-icon Bahrainball - Good Business and especially Oil Partners. Are also Muslim Friends.
  • Iran-icon Iranball - Persian Trading Partner                                   
  • Iraq-icon Iraqball - Mesopotamian Trading Partner.
  • All Turkic countries and entities Except Uzbekistan, very nosy sea-stealing people with bones in their brains. But then we are all under the controll by THIS GAME !
  • Argentina-icon Argentinaball - We both hate UK-icon UKball for different reasons. We almost have the same size. (He is slightly bigger than me.)
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Hey bro. I heard your sending Students from Simon Fraser University for a tour to Almaty/ Al-Farabi Kazakh National University? Great idea! I would welcome Canadians to my area! Even if your the son of UK, I would like to be your friend. More students equals better education of diversity!
  • China-icon Chinaball - He is one of my most important trading partner. We share similar history BUT 'WHAT IN ӘЛЕМ?! STOP SPREADING WITH YOUR VIRUS!!'
  • Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball - He did play the borat anthem at the olympics, but he apologized about it so I forgive. He has the worlds strongest currency and he has alot of oil. Why you post it on YouTube?
  • Japan-icon Japanball - He hates Logan Paul like I hate Jake Paul. Anime is good.
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball - I  may recognize Crimea referendum. BUT I LOVE PEACE so I will provide aid to you temporary.
  • EU-icon EUball-  I want Normalcy

Бейтарап (Neutral)

  • Israel-icon Israelcube - Despite the fact that he bullies Palestine, we still maintain good relations. He has an embassy in Nursultan, I have an embassy in Tel Aviv. Plus he buys my oil. He also removes and bans Borat in his country since that guy hates Jews.
  • Uzbek-icon Uzbekistanball - He is my brother.... But his sea is draining.

Дұшпандар (Enemıes)

  • ISIS-icon ISISball - Cause he is a terrorist. Good thing he is not anywhere close to central Asia, except for that mass shootings recently in Aktobe and Almaty. STOP EVIL!!!!!!!!
  • UK-icon UKballREMOVE BORAT!  But, I got a lot of tourists thanks to your shitty movie. But I do like your teas, chocolates, and your British programming.
  • Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball
  • Borat - your movie is ridiculous and awful. your anthem is very annoying and you didn't even have any Kazakh actors in the movie. you filmed it in a Gypsy-icon Gypsy village in Romania-icon Romaniaball, not in Kazakhstan-icon Kazakhstan and you weren't speaking any Kazakhstan-icon Kazakh at all, you were speaking Israel-icon Hebrew and Poland-icon Polish. But thanks for tourists...I STILL HATE YOU!!!!!!! AND I DON’T EXPORT THE MOST OF THE POTASSIUM! Canada-icon POUTINE EXPORTS THE MOST POTASSIUM! REMOVE! YOU FOOL AND IDIOT! Сіз өскенде?
  • Jake Paul - insulted us by talking about Borat and making out that Kazakhs like blowing people up.

Why Kazakhbrıck ıs a Brıck

When Polandball (meme) originated on the website Krautchan the moderators of the board were looking to adopt countryballs as the official markers of user's national backgrounds. Kazakhstan's flag was notably wider than other flags and its design can't fit into a round shape. The admins then decided to simply preserve Kazakhstan as its rectangular form, adopting the term "Kazakhbrick" to refer to it.

An in-universe explanation for this is that the Kazakhstani government moved the capital city status from Almaty-icon Almatybrick to Astana-icon Nursultanbrick in the late '90s, therefore many constructions are started in Nursultan, and Kazakhstan needed so many bricks for it.

Ex-Soviet authors sometimes interpret Kazakhstan's rectangular shape as a rug, rather than a brick, considering that Central Asia is famous in the former USSR for its rug weaving.

Another reason is due to Kazakhbrick's attempts to join BRICS-icon BRICS.




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