Kediriball is an ancient Hindu kingdom of East Java KediriBall is an inexpensive And it is the province of East Java on the island of Java. And one of the Daerah Tingkat II.


alley was known as the site of classical Javanese culture, particularly between the 10th and 15th centuries. The town of Kediri was established by King Airlangga on the banks of the upper Brantas river in 1042. It was originally called Dahanapura or Daha. After the death of Airlangga his kingdom was divided into two parts: the kingdom of Panjalu in the west, and the kingdom of Janggala in the east. Daha became the capital of Panjalu, and later the capital of the Kediri kingdom.[3]:146–147,158 Over the centuries, control of the city passed to the SinghasariMajapahitDemak and Mataramkingdoms.

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