Kerkradeball is a Limburguese city whose flag is a red-white bicolor, making it the same as Poland's, Monaco's and Indonesia's. It is twin city of Hradec Králové.


Since 1065 it belonged to the Duchy of Limburgball and later to Duchy of Brabantball. In 1113, coal was discovered in the area. With the various facts happened in the Lowlands in the HRE period, it got annexed by Spanish Netherlandsball and Austrian Netherlandsball. Since 1815, it was part of United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball, later Netherlandsball.

In 1940, it became part of Reichskommissariat Netherlandsball, a Nazi puppet. It got liberated by United States soldiers.

In 1974, the last coalmine got closed and it economically suffered from it.

Its modern-day ethnicity is also made up of Spaniards, Italians and Moors.

How to draw

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Color the upper half red
  3. Color the lower half white
  4. Draw the eyes and it's done.

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