Khanate of Bukharaball (1506 - 1785) was a Historical Central Asian ball from the second quarter of the 16th century to the late 18th century. Bukhara was the capital of the short-lived Shaybanid Empire.

He was Uzbek Khanate-icon Uzbek Khanateball but changed his name after stealing clay from Timurid Empire-icon Timurid Empireball and destroying him. He attempted to seek out defeat his main arch-nemesis brother, Kazakh Khanate-icon Kazakh Khanatebrick, but failed horribly. He was attacked by Safavid-icon Safavid Dynastyball who defeated him and took some of his clay. Khanate of Bukharaball, however, managed to defend himself completely from being taken over. After that, he became more clam and got along sometimes with his brothers. Unfortunately he was taken over by Afsharid-icon Afsharidball who raised him differently which made him turn into Emirate of Bukhara-icon Emirate of Bukharaball.


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