Khanty-Mansiball or Yugraball is a Russian Autonomous Okrug located in central Russia-icon.png Russiaball.


Khanty-Mansiball was born as a 1-icon.png 1ball, later adopted by Russian-Empire-icon.png Russian Empireball, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball and Russia-icon.png Russiaball.

He is the closest linguistic kin of Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball, they are the only remaining parts of the Ugric Language Family.


Khanty-Mansiball is the primary source of Russian oil. It is one of the richest countryballs in Russia and has a high economic significance in the region.

How to draw

Drawing Khanty-Mansi is fairly easy:

  1. Draw a basic circle shape
  2. Colour the upper half blue and the bottom half green
  3. Add a thin white line to the right side
  4. Add the white antler symbol to the upper left corner
  5. Draw the eyes and you've finished

Town list

  1. Surgutball
  2. Nizhnevartovskball
  3. Nefteyuganskball
  4. Khanty-Mansiyskball
  5. Kogalymball
  6. Nyaganball
  7. Megionball
  8. Pyt-Yakhball
  9. Langepasball
  10. Urayball
  11. Lyantorball
  12. Yugorskball


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