Hey Khmer, time to share. New kingdoms here and there!
— bill wurtz

Khmer Empireball, also known as Kambujadesaball was a mighty empire in the Middle Ages in South East Asia. Most of mainland Southeast Asia belonged to him. The administration centre was in the clay of nowadays Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball.




  • Aquitaine-icon.png Cholaball - My ally and fellow Hindu who aiding me in fight against inferior kingdoms


  • Siam-icon.png Ayutthayaball - Vile scum! 1431 worst year of my life! Never forget! Yuo will pay!
  • Sukhothai Kingdom-icon.png Sukhothai Kingdomball - Yuo cannot into independence, yuo are part of Kambujadesa!
  • Dai Viet-icon.png Dai Vietball - Gib back Khmer and Champa clay yuo thief! And I of not barbarians!
  • Champa-icon.png Champaball - Inferior clay who won't join mighty Kambujadesa! Yuo will pay for 1177!
  • Kingdom of Pagan-icon.png Pagan Kingdomball - Yuo are rival to Khmer domination of Southeast Asia! Yuo must be of eliminated!
  • Kingdom of Laos-icon.png Lan Xangball - Inferior clay, we build of better temples! Yuo will be annexed!


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