Kingdom of Artsakhball also sometimes known as the Kingdom of Syunikball or Khachenball, was an Armenian kingdom, made up of what is now the clay of Syunikball, Geghark'unikball and Artsakhball.


Like much of the region, Artsakhball had been passed down from empireball to empireball for a long time as a provinceball. When his father Bagratid Armeniaball ruled him, he rebelled in the year 1000 with Syunikball and Geghark'unikball and started his own kingdom, becoming the Kingdom of Artsakhball. He avoided being taken over by Byzantineball like his father and the other smaller Armenian Kingdomballs by being too far away. However, Mongol Empireball later took him over in 1261. He was killed, and turned into a principality.


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