Kingdom of Iberiaball is an ancient Georgian countryball who was etablished by great king Parnavaz back in 301 BC. Actually, Iberia is hellenized version of his Persian (Virshn) and Armenian (Virk) names, but his native name is Kartli. Friends might include his big brother Colchisball, also friend with Pontusball, Armeniaball and Caucasian Albaniaball. Since he was between SPQRball and Parthiaball, he had to make alliances with both of them, depends on who was stronger. Later semi-friend with Byzantiumball and DEFINITELY enemy to Sassanidball.


Born as 2ball, territories of Iberiaball were conquered by Achaemenidball for a long time, but Alexander helped to end Persian reign. King Parnavaz was the first king who united all Iberian territories in battle near Artaani back in 301 BC. Since then Iberiaball became strong kingdom with great culture and army. Sadly he became weak and even lost some of his territories to Ancient Armeniabal. But in 326 AD, thanks to St. Nino, he became christian and new religion made him stronk again! He reconquered his lost territories and had interesting religious life, which only enriched his unique culture. He wrote 2 historical books "Conversion of Kartli" and "The Georgian Chronices" (Or on the native language "Moktsevay Kartlisay" and "Kartlis Tskhovreba") which are our main sources about his history. Later in 479 AD, great king Vakhtang Gorgasali built a new capital, the famous Tbilisiball which became new cultural centre of the kingdom. Too sad that less than a century, in 532 AD, he was killed by Sassanidball.

Today, most of Iberiaball's territories are owned by his rightful descendant Georgiaball and Turkeyball. The minor parts are also in Armeniaball and Russiaball

How to draw

Iberiaball hasn't a flag or a vexillum. So, there's this unofficial way to draw it:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of white
  2. Draw a Red cross
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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