The Kingdom of Laosball was an Indochinese state prior to the foundation of Laos-icon Lao People's Democratic Republicball.


The Lao Kingdom was formally proclaimed when the new constitution was promulgated in 1947 as part of the French colonial union, and gained full independence in 1953.

The Government

According to the Franco-Lao treaty of 1953, Laos was an independent country. The treaty established a constitutional monarchy with King Sriwongwong as King and Prince Chulalongkorn as prime minister.

The King and His Majesty proceeded to set up a coalition government. The first government of the national unity was established in May. 1958, under the Souvanna Party Phouma but fell after two months. The Prime Minister, under the constitution, appointed his ministers and was advised by the king to make an agreement with his brother Prince Souphanouvong.

Souvanna Phouma gave the Communists two seats in the Cabinet and Souphanouvong would include 1,500 of the 6,000 Communist troops in Prince Souphanouvong. Was appointed Minister of Planning, Reconstruction and Construction, while another of the Communist Party was named Minister of Religion and Fine Arts.

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