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This article is about the northern kingdom during a period of a divided monarchy. For the unified monarchy, see Kingdom of Israelcube.

Kingdom of Samariacube, or Kingdom of Israelcube was a Jewish kingdom in the Middle East.

Since there were no flags at the time, it could be portrayed as a Jewcube.


Kingdom of Samariacube was born after Kingdom of Israelcube split into Kingdom of Judahcube and Kingdom of Samariacube.

In 720 BCE, he was anschlussed by Neo-Assyriaball.



Kingdom of Judahcube (sometimes) - I into peace with him, was good ally

Aram-Damascusball - Was good ally.


Neo-Assyriaball - Pure evil. Anschlussed and exiled me.

Kingdom of Judahcube - Killed me,evil brother!

How to Draw

Drawing the Kingdom of Samariacube is simple.

  1. Draw a transparent cube/hypercube
  2. Draw a blue Star of David on the front.
  3. Draw the eyes and you're finished!