Kingdom of Tringapura was an Historical Countryball, the grandad of Tringapore and the dad of British Tringapore.


In the fall of Srivijaya, a great Malay empire that was once dominate large part entire Malay archipelago and mainland southeast Asia .when the rise of a legacy of Srivijaya, which is another Malay empire named Dharmasraya. However, as the Pamalayu Expedition of Singgahsari destroyed the remnants of Srivijaya empire like Dharmasraya, the King of Palembang Sang Sapurba, who was know in Sulalatus Salatin for swearing allegiance to the Demang Lebar Daun, fled to Bentan Islands. Sang Sapurba has five children and one of them is the Sang Nila Utama. According to history, Sang Nila Utama is love hunting. so,he spent time all over the Bentan to hunt ,already having spent his time hunting until he was bored Then a rumor reached Sang Nila Utama's ear about an island. Then Sang Nila Utama set off to the island to hunt. From this island comes the goal of Sang Nila Utama to the island which is described as a beautiful white beach.

However, the ship encountered problems in the middle of the voyage to the point of sinking. But the Sang Nila Utama voyage succeeded and the ship landed there. Merong asked what the name of the place was to his loyal advisor, Demang Lebar Daun. The island on which he is Temasik, the mainland near Temasek is Malaya. While in Temasik, the group that followed him consisted of his wife, the chiefs and soldiers met with a very strange animal. When asked, no one had the answer except the Demang Lebar Daun. So Demang Lebar Daun said, the beast is a Lion based on the stories of the Elders. With the discovery of the lion, Sang Nila Utama suddenly decided to build a kingdom on Temasik named it Singapura. At the same time, Sang Nila Utama ordered his followers to Bentan to ask for his mother-in-law's help to provide Sang Nila Utama, horses and elephants to establish the kingdom in Temasik.

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