Kingdom of Westphaliaball was a Rhine Confederate state created by Napoleon.


After Prussiaball's defeat in 1806 and the treaty of Tilsit, Westphaliaball was born. The newly created kingdom was quiet corrupted and poor, however Jews there had equal rights.

Westphaliaball fought in the 5th Coalition War in 1809, which was supposed to protect Saxonyball from Austriaball, since most of the Saxonian troops were in the Austrian heartland. Despite the numerical advantage, Westphaliaball failed to defend against Austriaball's outnumbered forces, and so Saxonyball was shortly occupied until the armistice of Znaim.

He also failed to catch the evacuating Black Brunwickers forces after Austriaball's surrender, which successfully fought troughout Germany to be evacuated by the Royal Navy.

Later in the Russian campaign of 1812, battle of Borodino, Westphalian troops unsuccessfully charged Russian troops. At the end there were only very few Westphalian survivors.

Russiaball conquered the kingdom in 1812 and most of it became part of Prussiaball according to the Congress of Vienna.

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