Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemenball was an Arab Islamic kingdom in South Arabia


Kingdom of Yemenball was formed in 1918 from Yemen Vilayetball after the collapse of Ottoman rule in the region. Kingdom of Yemenball signed a friendship treaty with Kingdom of Italyball in 1926. Relations regarding the border with Aden Protectorateball to the south and Saudi Arabiaball to the north were sometimes tense. Kingdom of Yemenball was neutral during World War II, was a founding member of Arab Leagueball in 1945, and joined UN-icon.png UNball in 1947. He signed a mutual defence agreement with Republic of Egyptball (1953-58) in 1956 and joined the United Arab Statesball with United Arab Republicball in 1958, but it would not last long as Syriaball left United Arab Republicball, in 1961 and United Arab Statesball fell apart. In 1962 the Yemen Arab Republicball was formed and fought a revolution against Kingdom of Yemenball with the assistance of the remaining United Arab Republicball, and was finally overthrown in 1970.




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