The Kingdom of the Two Siciliesball (1816-1861) was the largest countryball in Italy-icon.png Italy before the Italian unification. He extended across southern Italy. Being ruled by the previous Bourbon Dynasty that ruled Kingdom of Naples-icon.png Kingdom of Naplesball, the Two Siciliesball was reactionary and vehemently opposed the notion of a united Italy, especially one dominated by the likes of the seemingly "liberal" Sardinia-icon.png Kingdom of Sardiniaball.

However, the Two Siciliesball would finally be destroyed by Garibaldi's "Expedition of the Thousand" which would see the Kingdom annexed by the Sardinia-icon.png Kingdom of Sardiniaball. Although the Two Siciliesball would still attempt to resist Savoyard rule for another 4-5 years (in the form of Brigands and Bourbon loyalists), they would eventually be quashed, with Southern Italy as a whole being the "last bastion of Royalism" within the Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball during the (Monarchy or Republic) 1946 referendum.    ​​​​​​


Forcibly, this peninsular had been unified earlier by Joachim Murat during Napoleonic Wars (under French Occupation) under the Napoleonic Kingdom of Naplesball. Once the Napoleonic Wars ended, the Bourbon Dynasty of the original Kingdom of Naplesball sought and achieved union with the Kingdom of Sicilyball ​​​​, thus seeing the creation of The Kingdom of the Two Siciliesball. The Bourbon king, Ferdinand I, was original open to reforms, but given the fact that it was the liberal elements of First French Empireball and those within his own country (Parthenopean Republicball) that deposed him, he turned the Kingdom into that of a reactionary based absolute monarchy, adamant in preventing most liberal reforms.

The Kingdom of Two Siciliesball was relatively independent from the foreign influences of French Second Republicball and Austrian Empireball, a rarety within the Italian peninsular during this time. Despite 3 revolts originating from the island of Sicilyball, the Kingdom managed to live until 1860. This was when he was killed by the Savoy-icon.png Kingdom of Sardiniaball in an event that would be known as "The Expedition of the Thousand". Despite support from Spanish_Empireball and Papal Statesball, The Kingdom was annexed by the newly proclaimed Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball. Fighting, however, did not stop until 1864, as Bourbon Loyalists and Brigands enacted a campaign of terror and agitation within Southern Italy, as they refused to recognize the authority of the Kingdom of Italyball. The legacy of the Kingdom of Two Siciliesball saw the shaping Southern Italy as we know it today as the area is reactionary and deeply conservative to this day (even going so far as to vote to maintain the Kingdom of Italyball during the 1946 "Republic of Monarchy" referendum).



  • Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball - Thank yuo for supporting me when those bastards came to viciously invade me! Sadly, it wasn't enough to stop the inevitable. Thank yuo always my Bourbon brothers.
  • Papal States-icon.png Papal Statesball - Also thank yuo for supporting me! Death to the liberal scum who invaded and annexed yuo!
  • Austrian Empire-icon.png Austrian Empireball - Thanks for maintaining the status quo and for being a rival against those Savoyan bastards. I also thank yuo for defeating Napoleon's armies in Italy. You are pretty cool for a Hapsburg!


  • Savoy-icon.png Kingdom of Sardiniaball - F*ck yuo! I want nothing to do with yuo and yuor united, libtard Italian nation! Glory to the Bourbons! Down with the Savoyards!
  • First French Empireball/French Second Republicball - YUO!!! YOU ARE THE ONE THAT STARTED ALL THIS!!! How dare yuo support the Savoyards against my reactionary monarchy. F*ck your ideology of Liberalism!
  • Sicily-icon.png Sicilyball - Come on, stop revolting and appreciate Neapolitan dominance!


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