Kinmen-icon Kinmenball is a countyball, a group of islands, part of Fujianball, Taiwanball.But Kinmenball is also a countyball of Quanzhouball, Fujianball, Chinaball that claimed by Chinaball.


He started as a 1-icon 1ball and was first settled during the Tang Dynasty. They then changed his name from Wuzhouball to Kinmenball. Then during the Ming Dynasty more people began to settle the islands of KinmenballKinmenball was used as a base to liberate Kinmenball from the Netherlands-icon Dutch; this resulted in a mass deforestation of the area.

After Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball was formed in 1912, he formed part of Fujianball. During the Second Sino-Japanese War File:Empire of Japan-icon.png Empire of Japanball occupied him, later he was took back by Republic of Chinaball.

Kinmennall has three bombardments made by Chinaball, then they became peaceful.After the Three Links policy, he and Xiamenball became friends.



  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - Adopted papa!But think of me as a natural barrier to his own protection, I'm scary...
  • China-icon (subdivision) Jinjiangball - Thanks your water, mainland water is so sweet... (China-icon (subdivision): Yuo are mainlander alsoo...)
  • China-icon (subdivision) Xiamenball - Good business partner, we both have a word "men" (门).
  • China-icon (subdivision) Quanzhouball - I'm not you or may be.Don't think I'm one of you!But yuo ar nice guyy.
  • China-icon Chinaball - Best fake China ever (It doesn't mean I admit you), the Three Links policy made us come closer, your visitors are also made money to me, and my economy is depend on you even I don't want make me not lonely anymore.


  • China-icon Chinaball - FAKE CHINA!REMEMBER YOUR BOMBARDMENTS!REMOVE COMMUNISM!But friend actually, we just pretended as enemies.

How to draw

  1. Draw a green circle
  2. Add coat of arms
  3. Two eyes and done


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