Kitchenerball Known as Kitchenball is a cityball located in southwestern Ontario-icon Ontarioball. It is the seat of Waterloo Regionball and the 10th-largest municipality in Canada-icon Canadaball.


Kitchenerball's clay was given to the 3-icon 3balls by UK-icon UKball in 1784 as a gift for their allegiance in the American Revolution. The 3balls in turn gave some of that clay to a Loyalist, and it became very interesting for a group of German Mennonites from Pennsylvania-icon Pennsylvaniaball who wanted to practice their beliefs without persecution. The area was once called the Town of Berlinball, and in 1916 changed its name to Kitchenerball, after a late British field marshal.

Today, Kitchenerball is a friendly cityball full of arts and culture. Every autumn around the Thanksgiving holiday in Canadaball, it hosts its annual Oktoberfest, considered the biggest German festival in the world outside of Germany-icon Germanyball itself. Americans usually call him and Waterlooball, "the Silicon Valley of Canada", due to his huge amount of technology companies in his clay, like Blackberry, and companies from other parts of the world, such as Google, Toyota, among many others, use his clay as their Canadian headquarters. He has a OHL team, the Kitchener Rangers.


San Jose-icon San Joseball - Trump won, so if you still want to work for technology, you can come to me! I have Google and Toyota, eh?

Guelphball: Friend, we're both college towns (to be precise, Waterlooball has both my major universities).

Bavaria-icon Bavariaball and Munich-icon Munichball: My German friends. Beer's on me, eh - prost!

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