Koh Kongball is a province (khaet) of Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball. It means 'Kong Island' in Khmer, with 'Koh' meaning 'island' in both Cambodiaball and Thailand-icon.pngThailandball. It was formerly known as Patchan Khiri Khet province from 1795 to 1904, given that it was part of neighbouring Thailandball. It became a province in 1958, and was given to Cambodiaball in 1904.


Koh Kongball born as a 1ball, adopted by Kingdom of Funanball, Chenla Kingdomball, Khmer Empireball, Dark Ages Cambodiaball, French Cambodiaball (with a small period of Fascist Japanese rule), Kingdom of Cambodiaball (1953-70), Khmer Republicball, Khmer Rougeball, PR Kampucheaball,State of Cambodiaball, UNTACball and Cambodiaball.

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