Koinon of the Zagorisiansball also known as the Common of the Zagorisiansball or League of Zagoriball was a Hellenic separatist league based inside Zagori, Epirusball (which was occupyed by) Ottoman Empireball .


In the 1400s, the Ottoman Empireball managed to conquer the Despotate of Epirusball (a Byzantine offshoot), where they first came in contact with the 14 villages of Zagoriball. The Turks reached an agreement with the villagers, granting them autonomy in exchange for vassalage, which was accepted by both parties.

This led to the creation of a "council" (made up of various representatives of the respective villages) and a small cavalry division which was agreed upon by the Ottoman Empireball. Further privileges were granted to the newly formed Koinon as the Greeks were then allowed to practise their religion freely. They were only among 3 Greek states that managed to secure autonomy from Ottoman Empireball (with the other more notable one being that of Maniball).

This autonomy, however, was quashed when the Koinon was considered responsible for aiding in the Greek War of Independence, thus putting it under centralized control of the Ottoman Empireball.


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