Kuala Lumpurball is the capital cityball of Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball, he used to be the state capital of Selangor-icon.png Selangorball, later he became a Federal Territory in 1974. The Petronas towers are located in his clay, and he protects them a lot so it won't become another 9/11. He also has a future skyscraper under construction which will be taller than the Petronas Towers, Kl118. In Malay language, Kuala means city, whereas Lumpur means mud or dirt. Malaysiaball gave Kuala Lumpurball such a name because of his abundance in tin and other mineral resources.

He can into diversity so he can into many languages.


Kuala Lumpurball was founded in 1859 by Selangor-icon.png Selangorball and became state capital of Selangorball and national capital since British Malaya-icon.png British Malayaball until Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball.


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