Kurwa (IPA: /'kur.va/) is an exclamation done by Polandball when he gets mad or is worried. Polandball often use it when Germanyball and Russiaball try anschlussing him, as he's scared.

This word means whore or fuck.

Proto-Slavic *kury


He uses this word the most, since it's from his language

Czech, Slovakia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Bulgaria

They use a variation of the world known as "Kurva". You don't see it a lot because neither of them appear in a lot of comics.


Perhaps the most infamous, Croatia hates kebab not because he wants to follow brother Serbiaball, but the Arabs call him "Kurwa-tia". He gets quite agitated when called so.


He uses a variation of the word known as "curvă" (IPA: /kurvə/), which also means whore.


Serbia uses the word "Kurva".This word means prostitute in the Serbian slav language.


Russia uses the word "Kурва".

South Korea

She uses a variation of the word known as "Ssibal", as this word means "fuck".

United States

Surprisingly, the US hasn't censored this word as much on TV. Maby because polandball wants to remove homosex?

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