Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball, officially the State of Kuwaitball, is a countryball in the Middle East. He is bordered by Iraq-icon Iraqball to the north and east, Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball to the south, and the Persian/Arabian Gulf to the west. The country is divided into 6 governorates, including his capital Kuwait Cityball located in the Kuwait-icon (division) Al Kuwaytball governorate, giving him a total area of about 6,880 square miles, making him the 152nd largest country in the world. As of 2018, he has a population of about 4.226 million inhabitants.

Kuwait is a member of OIC-icon OICball and Arab League-icon Arab Leagueball due to being a majority-Muslim country in the Arabian Peninsula. He also maintains membership in OPEC-icon OPECball due to his large oil exports, as well as the UN-icon UNball like almost every other country.

His national day is February 25.

He is Most Laziest Nations In UNball and Earthball.


Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball was born as a 4-icon 4ball, adopted by Macedon-icon Macedonball, Parthia-icon Parthiaball, Iran-icon Persiaball, Caliphate-icon Caliphateball and Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball. UK-icon UKball colonized him last until 1961, when Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball became fully independent. He was attacked by Iraq-icon Iraqball in 1990 and restored in 1991.

Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball has the most expensive currency unit in the world (around 3.3 USD).

Flag Colors

Black 0, 0, 0 C0-M0-Y0-K100 #000000
Dartmouth Green 0, 122, 61 C100-M0-Y50-K52 #007A3D
white 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
Philippine Red 206, 17, 38 C0-M92-Y82-K19 #CE1126



  • UAE-icon UAEball - We are both Rich TwinsBros
  • India-icon Indiaball: Ok. But stop colonising me, plox.
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - Best maids! Also very talented people. (Ok, ok, ok, I'm very sorry about my people being aggressive recently... I- I shall apologize on behalf of this people and... Oh no, please don't ban your OFWs from our country...)
  • Somalia-icon Somaliaball - Fellow Afro-Arab brother. He likes me because I hate his Criminal Cubic brother. He is also on a civil war in which I take his refuges in order to be safe. Yuo are of real Horned african.
  • Egypt-icon Egyptball: Fellow Arab who likes messing up anthems too. 
  • USA-icon USAball - Probably my best friend, helped me kick the butt of Iraq-icon Sadam Hussein and now is a big buyer of my oil, also he made me Major non-NATO ally. Am so sorry former President George H.W. Bush passed away recently. It is because of him, I of still here. Of thankings so much.
  • UK-icon UKball - My father
  • Kazakhstan-icon Kazakhbrick - I and him are friends now.


  • Iran-icon Iranball - Relations are complicated: I oppose his expansion in Lebanon-icon Lebanonball and Syria-icon Syriaball, But However I support the Nuclear deal unlike Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball and I still have diplomatic ties despite relations getting uneasy at points
  • Pakistan-icon Pakistanball - Dont know why I like him but he loves me well most of his people come to my clay. I also hate India-icon his brother who accused me of human traficking and rape.
  • Iraq-icon Iraqball - Our relationship has gotten better now. BUT NEVER FORGET 1990 OR THOSE OTHER TIMES YOU TRIED TO CLAIM MY CLAY AS YOURS!!!!


How to draw

Drawing Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball is simple:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw a black half-trapezoid-arrow from the left
  3. Divide the rest into three horizontal stripes
  4. Color them of green, white and red
  5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.




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