LaVeyan Satanismball is a part of a family of Satanismballs.

LaVeyan Satanismball is a religion created by Anton LaVey in 1966.

Despite being a Satanismball-lookalike, LaVeyan Satanismball is actually an Atheistball. He dislikes the other Satanismballs for making him look bad.

He refers to himself as a Satanismball but does not believe in Satanball and sees him as an archetype instead of a deity.

LaVeyan Satanismball's religious text is the Satanic Bible containing his philosophy about why worship and sacrifice are not good. He says the seven deadly sins are good (although ultimately up to the followers) and has his own list of sins including things such as pretentiousness, counterproductive pride, and stupidity.

LaVeyan Satanismball does not like upside-down crosses. Instead, he likes the brimstone/Leviathan cross.

Drawing LaVeyan Satanismball is not very hard. Draw a black circle with a white brimstone in the middle. Lastly add two white eyes.