La Serenaball is a Chile-icon Chilean cityball, capital of Coquimbo-icon Coquimboball.

He is a cityball of Chile-icon Chileball ,famous for being a center of various monuments, like "El Faro" and places like "Las Compañias" which is divided in "Alta" and "Baja"

Also, ex-president Gabriel Gonzalez Videla it's from here.

When it was SpanishEmpire Ball, it was a communication center between Santiago-icon Santiagoball and Lima-icon Limaball.

Also when he was a 3ball, his natives were named "Diaguitas" who were the most developed. They are actually extinct.


He likes to boast about what he has, he often fights with Coquimboball (city) for being the capital. He likes fishing and tourism.

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