Lannaball was a kingdomball in Southeast Asia. He was sitting south of Chinaball east of Myanmarball north of Siamball western of Laosball. He was be conquered by Siamball and sometimes Burmaball. Now he is become a northern part of Thailandball.

Its name means ‘Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields’.


He was born in 1262 with Chiang Raiball as his capital and later move capital to Chiang Maiball he was gain a much of clay. In 1351 a small piece of clay called Siamball separate from him. Siamball was into gain clay fast, he kind of took over him. Siamball and Burmaball always was fightings to get him. He was become colony of Siamball and later Burmaball. In 1802 when Siamball move his capital to Bangkokball he was become colony of Siamball again.

Now he is called northern Thailandball. Thailandball is always said that Lanna is not of his father because Thailandball's ancestor who born in the same era is Sukhothai Kingdomball

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