Las Vegas-icon Las Vegasball, occasionally

Las Vegasball, also known as Vegasball or Sin Cityball, is a cityball in Southern Nevada-icon Nevadaball. He is famous for casinos and The Strip. He sure could work on his driving skills, though! He is a very bad driver. Las Vegas's name is from Spanish origin and means literally means "The Meadows". Because of the origins of his name and also because of his huge Hispanic community, he can speak English… and Spanish. He can into 28th most populous city in USA-icon USAball. He just stole the Raiders from Oakland-icon Oaklandball, and also now has his own NHL hockey team, the Vegas Golden Knights (his great-uncle Canada-icon Canadaball introduced the game to him). He was where Tupac was killed.Recently, he suffered a MASSIVE SHOOTING (by far the deadliest in USA-icon USAball) in Mandalay Bay. Oh yeah and at night you can see his lights from space.




  • Stephen Craig Paddock - He killed 59 people (including himself) and injured 527 people (and counting). I'M GLAD HE'S DEAD!


  • He is the only known cityball to have a Super Arterial.
  • "Las Vegas" means "The Meadows" in Spanish.
  • Las Vegasball has also hosted a curling event, the Continental Cup. The 2014 event (which many of the curlers used as a tune-up for the Olympics in Sochiball) surprisingly was a hit with fans and drew such great crowds that he hosted it three more times in 2016, 2017 and 2019. He also hosted the 2018 world men's championship.
  • Las Vegasball is the only cityball that can seen from space because of its light
  • Las Vegasball is also the cityball that decides the party that Nevadaball votes for.
  • He hosts the Ozawa Cup.
  • He also hosts Miss Universe (for now)


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