Here is joke: Man with 🥔🥔 potatoes.
— Latviaball
No one can have two 🥔potato.
— Latviaball
The potato gun is the most powerful weapon in my arsenal that you should run away.

Latviaball, officially the 🥔Potato Republic of Latviaball is a Baltic country located in the Eastern Europe. He is north of Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball and south of Estonia-icon Estoniaball, east is Russia-icon Russiaball and southeast is Belarus-icon Belarusball. The country is divided into 110 muncipalities, and 9 republic cities with the capital Riga-icon Rigaball, giving him a total area of 24,938 square miles, making him the 25th largest country in Europe, and the 122th largest in the world. As of 2018, he maintains a population of 1.92 million.

Since the collapse of the Soviet-icon Soviet Union, like many other former eastern bloc states, Latvia has joined the EU-icon EUball and NATO-icon NATO in order to gain protection from Russia-icon Russiaball.

Latvia is a democratic republic and a very highly developed country according to the United Nations Human Development Index. His economy mostly based on industrial goods like textiles, wood, pharmaceuticals, and processed foods. When it comes to military power however, he ranks near the bottom, mainly depending on NATO-icon NATOball and EU-icon EUball for defense.

His national day is November 18th.


Latviaball was born around 1200 AD during the Northern Crusades, and is related to Germany-icon Germanyball through their common ancestors Teutonicball and Livonian Orderball. Until the 1500s, he was known as Livoniaball, and was eventually conquered by Polish Lithuanian Commonwealthball in 1583. He then fell to Sweden-icon Swedenball in 1629, who treated him better than Poland-Lithuania-icon Poland-Lithuania did.

In 1710, he and his friend Estonia-icon Estoniaball were captured by Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball, and were eventually forcefully adopted in 1721. Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball held him captive until 1917, when he was murdered by his son Soviet-icon Sovietball (or R.S.F.S.Rball). He was seceded to the German Empire-icon German Empire in 1918 under the Treaty of Brest-Litvosk, but the German Empire-icon German Empire capitulated in November that year, so he became freedomized.

In 1919 German Empire-icon German Empire's son Germany-icon Germanyball tried to reclaim Latviaball's clay, but was defeated by Estoniaball, and Latviaball stayed independent until 1940, when after a revolution he was occupied by Soviet-icon Sovietball and became Latviassr-icon Latvian SSRball. He was then occupied by Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball in 1941 briefly, but was reclaimed by Sovietball in 1943. He stayed as a union republic until 1990, when after the Singing Revolution, his brother Latviassr-icon Lithuanian SSRball and his friend Latviassr-icon Estonian SSRball declared their independence from dying Soviet-icon Sovietball.

Latvia-icon Latviaball eventually became capitalist again and joined the EU-icon EU in 2004. He adopted the Euro in 2014.

Rigaball is his capitalball. He became independent in 21 August 1991, after the fall of the USSR.

Latviaball can also into Female leadership.

Is now King of 🥔Potato🥔. But Russia-icon Pro-Russian party, "Harmony" wins of election.


Flag Colors

Japanese Carmine 158, 48, 57 C0-M70-Y64-K38 #9E3039
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



  • 🥔potato - NOT ONLY MY PRECIOUS, IT IS ALSO MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Belarus-icon Belarusball - My 🥔potato comrade, but my 🥔potatoes are better Russian bitch! But WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE FRIENDS WITH RUSSIA?! Also my formal name is "Latvijas Republikabumba" not "Latvijas Republikabulba" This is why we can into friend hahahahahaha
  • Idaho-icon Idahoball - You can into 🥔potato. That is why you is of best US state.
  • Ireland-icon Irelandball - 🥔Potato brother, but my 🥔potatoes are better English bitch.
  • Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball - My Baltic twin brother and best friend. BALTIC STRONK! (But 🥔Potato mor STRONK!)sometimes we fight with each because of potatoes though🥔
  • USA-icon USAball - Gib military 🥔potato against Russiaball plox. Just in cases.
  • Sweden-icon Swedenball - My friend who is Nordic.
  • Poland-icon Polandball - HAPPY 100 ANNIVERSARY POLSKA!
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - We both hate Austria-icon Austriaball for stealing our identity.


  • Russia-icon Russiaball - You let of the Pro-Russian party, Harmony winning election.
  • Estonia-icon Estoniaball -Friend but stop trying to be Nordic! U R Baltic and U should be proud of it! Nordic = crap, but I'm also a Nordic Council observer. Baltic is best! Plus now I get a lot of alcohol revenues from her.


  • Austria-icon Austriaball: Copycat version of me, and your history is the worst. But we both can into EU-icon EUball. EU MEMBERSHIP STEALER!!!
  • Nazi-icon Naziball: Use my people and 🥔potatoes. Forever hated.
  • Soviet-icon Sovietball: You have too many Russians in my area and my president is a Soviet/Russian because of you. Stay away from my area or I will report NATO!