Latvian Jokes are a type of joke surrounding obscure stereotypes of a northern European nation, namely Latvia-icon Latvia. They have been classified as a sort of anti-joke for their low-quality or non-existent punchlines and their lack of appeal to outsiders. Common themes in Latvian Jokes are the brutality of winter and communism. The central character in all of them are Latvians.

Many common stereotypes of the Polandball character Latviaball involve Latvian Jokes, especially those involving potatoes. The broken English that stemmed from Latvian Jokes influenced the broken English seen in Polandball comics.


Latvian Jokes were first conceived by two Australians named [Connolly] and Ky Henderson as an inside joke between them. One of them had a lack of information and the other had a surplus of information about Latvia. Combining the two, they created the jokes. Chris Connolly saved them on his computer.

About a year later, Chris Connolly published his jokes on a website called "". This was the first public appearance of the jokes. A month after the publishing, a post on Reddit brought a large increase in attention to the joke style. From there, a community was founded around the jokes.