Potato Latvian SSRball, was the part of the strong unrecognized republic of Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball since he invaded him in 1940. He hate Gulags, but gets 🥔 potatoes regardless.


Latvian SSR-icon.png Latvian SSRball was established in 1940 following Soviet-icon.png Sovietball's occupation annexation of Latvia-icon.png Latviaball along with Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball and Lithuania-icon.png Lithuaniaball at the same time. Sovietball then reinforced the rule of Communism-icon.png communism and resulted in mass deportations and other authoritarian acts. Sovietball was allowed to annex the Baltic Stateballs due to treaties signed with Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball, but the treaties were violated when Operation Barbarossa was launched in 1941 which resulted in Latvian SSRball's occupation by Naziball and was turned into Nazi Latvia-icon.png Nazi Latviaball until he was liberated in 1945 and was turned back into Latvian SSRball.

The USA-icon.png USAball, UK-icon.png UKball, France-icon.png Franceball, Taiwan-icon.png Chinaball in-exile, Canada-icon.png Canadaball and several other Western countryballs did not recognize him as a Soviet republic in accordance with the Welles Declaration in 1940.

He would go one to remain in Sovietball's clay throughout the Cold War and was friends with the member states of the Warsaw Pact-icon.png Warsaw Pactball until 1991 when Sovietball dissolved into new countryballs leading to the restoration of the independent Latviaball. In 2004, Latviaball joined NATO-icon.png NATOball and the EU-icon.png EUball.


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