Liancourt Rocksball, called Dokdo (Rock Island) by Koreans and Takeshima (bamboo island, although bamboo doesn't grow in the islands) by Japanese, are a couple of islands and more smaller islands between Korean peninsula and Japan. De Facto controlled by South Koreaball, but disputed by Japanball.

L.R.ball/Dokdoball was first discovered by Usanball. Which was later conquered by Sillaball.

Until 1905, Japanball didn't claim the land. Many Japanese textbooks and maps show Dokdo as Korean land. Even TaeJungGwan did so.

But in 1905, Japanese Empireball illegally annexed Dokdo as a base for the Russo-Japanese war. Korean Empireball didn't recognize this. this made Japanese Empireball win the war.

In 1945, when the WW2 ended, the allies made a treaty with Japanball. UKball and many others wanted L.R.ball to be Korean again, but it passed about mentioning L.R.ball. And to this day, both countryballs claim L.R.ball and educate their children that they own the land.

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