Liberland-icon Liberlandball is a micronation located in the Balkans. He was born between Croatia-icon Croatiaball and Serbia-icon Serbiaball. If counted as country, Liberland-icon Liberlandball would be the 3rd smallest country by area in the world. But as of today, it will never count. He is considered as the most legitimate attempt at a micronation. He has also established relations with Serbiaball.


Jedlička stated that neither Serbiaball, Croatiaball nor any other nation claims the land as its own, and creating a nation. He stated that because it was unclaimed, he could take it and create a country, and he did so.The border, he argued, was defined in accordance with Croatian and Serbian border claims and did not interfere with any other state's sovereignty. He said in April 2015 that an official diplomatic note would be sent to both Croatiaball and Serbiaball, and later to all other states, with a formal request for recognition. As of now, said request has not been fulfilled exept by other micronations.



  • Liberecball-icon Liberecball: Oh Liberec. You are just city but YUOR NAME! Brother...
  • Somaliland-icon Somalilandball: He's my friend because I recognize him. And he's also proud of me becoming a independent nation.
  • Danube River: So that I can exist through the disputes! But you made the map of me look weird.



  • Wake Island-icon Wake Islandball Brat that thinking he can into America's day and allegedly he can drink moar than my dad!


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